Alarm server Smart TAMAT Advance


Revolutionize your information system

Today, it is essential to collect information and events flows that circulate through our environment. Managing these informations enables to:

  • Evaluate malfunctions
  • Isolate and solve problems
  • Insure that procedures are respected

We have developed a concept that will provide you a true visibility on the events and informations in your surroundings. French leader of event notifications server, Smart TAMAT Advance will improve the management of your alarms whether it is a security or technical source. Smart TAMAT Advance will adapt to every situations wether you are a healthcare facility, industry or local authority.

Secure, Treat and Archive

Smart TAMAT Advance is a user friendly and easily accessible technology that will guarantee :

  • Simple use for your staff
  • Compatibility with existent and future systems
  • Clear and short information
  • Archival and efficient statistics management
  • Solution based on 3 evolutive and customizable platforms
  • Mainly present in 3 sectors: Healthcare, Industry and local authorities
  • Acquisition of every types of alarms / events
  • Life product support
  • Unlimited access to our hotline
  • Plug & Play server
  • Partner with important telecom manufacturers such as AASTRA and ALCATEL

Smart TAMAT Advance, an Open Source solution

Software or hardware, MWS keeps the control over its solutions. Considering the security aspect of our applications, this is a necessity. For MWS, open-source is way of thinking, assumed and controlled for many years. Linux, Asterisk, Python are the basis of our savoir-faire.


Smart TAMAT Advance


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