About us

Founded in 1994 by Mathias Wauquier, MWS is specialized in the development and production of equipments for the telecom ecosystem, the management of information and the production of specific applications to better the information systems.

In 2000, with the success the first version of the TAMAT alarm server, MWS drew attention.

TAMAT’s principle is simple: enable clients to treat and spread critical information from A to B with a unique platform. For example, hospitals can transmit all types of events to the right person or objects. The type of information can be different: nurse calls, fire or technical alarms, lone worker protection…

MWS offers his expertise and innovation skills to meet the needs and requirements of his partners and clients. A flexible, reactive, and passionate company for 25 years.

In the quest of continuous innovation, MWS offers solutions tailored to different markets. The company is mainly present in 3 sectors: Healthcare, Industry and local authorities.

MWS offers a service of Research and development. This research department makes recommendations to offer the best solutions to our clients. It also manages the design and production phases.

MWS works in Europe and his logistic enables to propose express delivery.

As a partner with company such as Mitel (AASTRA) and Alacatel Lucent, MWS is regularly developing specific applications for his clients. Based on 2 divisions, MWS can manage projects related to security and telecommunications for important companies.

Important dates :

  • 1994 : MWS is founded in Nice by Mathias Wauquier as sole company specialized XXXX
  • 1999 : MWS buys department of Alcatel Lucent specialized in specific applications design, opening of the second agency in Tours.
  • 2000 : MWS launches the first version of the TAMAT
  • 2001 : MWS becomes supplier and manufacturer of OEM solutions for Alcatel Business Services.
  • 2004 : Launch of the TAMAT V4
  • 2005 : MWS is the only company offering intercom range with UA protocol (Alcatel-Lucent)
  • 2006 : First french manufacturer of a line of full IP-SIP interphones
  • 2006 : Whole company grouping on the Larçay site (37)
  • 2009 : TAMAT V5, new hardware, web interface, integration of Asterisk and SIP Trunk
  • 2011 : The range of IP-SIP intercoms is updated with the version V3
  • 2012 : Launch of specific phone terminals with extra large buttons and automatic pickup, on two-wire analog line.
  • 2014 : With 15 years of experience, MWS launches the Smart TAMAT, an evolution of the TAMAT v4 and V5. MWS was able to capitalize on his savoir-faire to design a last generation platform.
  • 2015 : MWS joins CASTEL and integrates URMET.
  • 2016 : Launch of the new analog and IP intercom ranges: ConnexPhone et ConnexIP.
  • 2020 : Launch of the new version of TAMAT alarm server: Smart TAMAT Advance.

Our products :

MWS offers different product lines:

Smart TAMAT Advance alarm server:

With more than 6000 Smart TAMAT installed, our alarm server is the reference in France. Smart TAMAT is the perfect answer to gain reactivity and productivity. Indeed, it sends notifications to the right persons based on different criteria.


Based on technologies such as IP-SIP and Alcatel-Lucent, our line of intercoms is specifically designed for uses in complex environment such as parkings, highways, or industrial sites.

Audio Interface:

MWS offers solutions to connect your sound systems to your telecom environment. You can send a general message through a phone call.

Discreet listening interface:

Because physical and verbal agressions are constantly increasing, our discreet listening interface is a solution to secure your employees.

Custom services:

MWS provides his knowledge and technical skills to support your company in the production process of telecommunication solutions. MWS will manage your entire project: research and development, industrialization and production.


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