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Every establishment spreads the flow of information proactively and based on its organization. Smart TAMAT Advance is the essential equipment needed to treat the daily events that may occur in a health care establishments. Whatever the source activating the alarm: nurse call, technical alarm, fire panel, lone worker protection, the event is treated dynamically and delivered to the right person. Smart TAMAT Advance can be integrated in every telecommunication and technical ecosystem.

Smart TAMAT Advance advantages

  • Control and optimize interventions procedures
  • Enable staff to work in better conditions
  • Guarantee security of the patients and medical staff
  • Improve patient’s services, care’s quality and organization
  • Locate and provide assistance to disoriented persons (Alzheimer)
  • Provide a better security of lone workers
  • Provide instant notifications of nurse calls while respecting the staff’s schedule and available means of communication.
  • Investments control thanks to multi-site management
  • Reassurance via redundancy and high availability
  • Increase efficiency with the automatic transmission of information
  • Ensure that events are tracked
  • Ease the decision making


Nurse call:

  • ChangeLog
  • ESPA 4.4.4
  • Compatible with all manufacturers

Lone worker protection:

  • Who ? Identity of the person in critical situation
  • What ? Loss of verticality, panic alarm button
  • Where ? Localization with DECT repeaters

Fire panel:

  • ChangeLog, ESPA 4.4.4
  • RS232/485
  • Modbus
  • Text to speech dynamic

Technical alarms:

  • Local dry contacts
  • Contacts over IP
  • Protocols management – (RS232/485), Modbus, TCP/IP, OPC http, SNMP Email

Patient terminals:

  • Analogical terminal with automatic pickup
  • Automatic hands free activation
  • Calls between nurse and patients: Optimize room intervention

Specific phone terminals

With their extra large buttons and automatic pickup, our phones enable hands free voice communication between the room and the DECT phones of the medical staff. These will replace existing terminals and will be use for medical as well as normal use.

  • Doubt removal
  • Extra large buttons
  • Relax the patient
  • Plug and play analog terminals, auto-powered
  • Automatic pickup
  • Hands free
  • Compatible with every nurse call systems
  • Analog or UA (Alcatel Lucent protocol) terminals


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