Smart TAMAT Advance, more than 25 years of experience

Because managing your alarms is becoming a priority and the spreading the information is a source of security. The Smart TAMAT Advance alarm server will enable you to increase your productivity and reactivity. Indeed, based on several criteria, Smart TAMAT Advance will dispatch the information to the right persons. :

  • Smart TAMAT Advance adapts to your working environment
  • Control and optimize intervention processes
  • Events traceability
  • Enable the staff to work in better conditions
  • Allow a better protection of lone workers
  • Multi-site management to better control your investment
  • Reassurance by redundancy and high availability
  • Increase efficiency with the automatic transfer of the information
  • Ease the decision process

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Our Services :


Hospitals, industrial sites or local authorities, the Smart TAMAT Advance alarm server adapts to your environment. Our platforms will meet your business constraints.

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Our line of intercoms has been designed for a use in noisy areas (highway tolls, entrance halls, etc). These interphones allow calls from external terminals.

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Have access to MWS’s extensive support, knowledge and technological skills: design department and OEM solutions, training and seminars, sales and technical support.

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