Local Authorities

Schools, buildings, shopping centers

Every establishment spreads the flow of information proactively and based on its organization. Smart TAMAT Advance is the essential equipment needed to treat the daily events that may occur. Whatever the source activating the alarm: GTC/GTB, fire panel, lone worker protection, the event is treated dynamically and delivered to the right persons. Smart TAMAT Advance can be integrated in every telecommunication and technical ecosystem.


City halls:

  • Acquisition of technical alarms, anti-intrusion alarms and fires in public buildings (schools, gym, social halls, administration building) via dry contacts, serial connections or phone transmitter.
  • Emergency plan activation: Notifications delivered to the population via text messages, voice messages, and emails (floods, chemical risks, bad weather forecast…)
  • Home support management

Shopping centers:

  • Acquisition of technical alarms such as cold rooms malfunctions
  • Real time notifications in case of theft
  • Management of cashier’s emergency calls
  • Spread of the alarms over the PA system


  • Acquisition of technical alarms such as cold rooms malfunctions
  • Assistance in evacuating persons in case of fire alarms
  • Notification to parents in case of absenteeism
  • Management of lone workers

Hotel industry:

  • Tasks management for the room staff (room service)
  • Assistance in the management of technical interventions
  • Alerts such as evacuation order, fire alarm are spread to rooms
  • Luxury hotels: Management of security guards

Smart TAMAT Advance advantages

  • On-call duty management
  • Ensure that events are tracked
  • Cost control due to the centralisation of information
  • Automatic transmission of the information to improve efficiency
  • Ease the decision making
  • Manage and control maintenance operations
  • Optimize investments with the analysis of statistics and interventions flows


Lone worker protection:

  • Who ? Identity of the person in critical situation
  • What ? Loss of verticality, panic alarm button
  • Where ? Localization with DECT repeaters

Fire panel:

  • ChangeLog, ESPA 4.4.4
  • RS232/485
  • Modbus
  • Text to speech dynamic

Technical alarms:

  • Local dry contacts
  • Contacts over IP
  • Protocols management – (RS232/485), Modbus, TCP/IP, OPC http, SNMP Email


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