Features and applications

Features and applications


  • Spreading on all types of devices: landlines, DECT, cell-phones, computers
  • Multiple formats: text, vocal, text-message, email, led display, map
  • Spreading based on calendar and time slots

Mobilization scenario:

  • For every alarm, a precise scenario is applied based on different criteria (priority, calendar, time slots…). Alarm acknowledgement before escalation.

Historic, storage and tracking :

  • Every alarm and event is tracked
  • Ability to set, read or email PDF reports
  • Export historical datas to excel

Alarms acquisition :

  • Floating contacts
  • ESPA multi protocol serial connection
  • TCP/IP, Modbus, HTTP request, SNMP trap
  • Phone activation
  • Mono-site or multi-site via IP

Lone worker protection :

  • Who ? Identity of the person in critical situation
  • What ? Loss of verticality, panic alarm button
  • Where ? Localization with DECT repeaters

Dynamic map display :

  • Display the location of all the alarms managed by the system
  • Increase staff reactivity
  • Assist in the decision making

Hotline :

  • Doubt removal on alarm PTI/DATI
  • Calls between nurse and patients: Optimize room intervention

Voice guide and text to speech :

  • For every alarms, a dynamic message (Text to speech) can be spread

Conference :

  • Conference call to improve reactivity during the intervention process

Active presence control :

  • Voluntary reassurance of a staff worker by dialing a code from a phone
  • Phone terminal set to make regular requests. Alarm is activated if no action is taken

Roundsman :

  • Management of guards tours, monitoring and agent protection in real time. Every phone terminal is a checkpoint. Recording of anomalies, tour report

High availability :

  • Reassurance by redundancy with possibility of multi-sites management
  • In any circumstances, your alarm server is operational

Smart TAMAT advantages

Administration Web :

  • Web administration
  • Friendly, simple and ergonomic online management
  • One web interface to manage the 3 platforms, thought for non technical users

Backup :

  • Automatic or manual backups on FTP server, local disc or USB key
  • Recovery of previous versions compatible with the 3 platforms

Troubleshooting :

  • Integrated diagnosis tools and installation support
  • Tools to analyze serial and IP protocols


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