Smart TAMAT solution

Smart TAMAT platforms

Smart TAMAT is the natural evolution of the tamat V5, the reference in alarm server. The concept is to address productivity and reactivity issues by delivering the right message, to right person at the right time, based on the different criteria.

Smart TAMAT adapts to your environment:

  • The Smart Tamat solution is based on 2 hardware platforms (Smart Tamat S and Smart TAMAT L) and on a virtual environment (Virtual TAMAT) to better meet the constraints of the market.
  • Each platform has access to all licences
  • Redundancy and high availability for all 3 platforms
  • Personalized solutions: Only buy what you need

  • Box format
  • 2 COM ports
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • Trunk SIP, ATAS, OMM, CSTA
  • Hard-drive
  • Integrated watchdog

  • Format 19’’, 2U
  • 3 COM ports
  • 2 Ethernet Ports
  • 4 T0; 1 T2; 2 T2; 4 T2
  • Trunk SIP, ATAS, OMM, CSTA
  • Dual disk RAID
  • intégrated Watchdog
  • Dual Hot-Plug power supply


  • Environment : VM Ware, Virtual Box…
  • Trunk SIP, OMM, ATAS, CSTA
  • Serial connexion over IP
  • Dry contacts over IP
  • Integrated Watchdog


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